Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Besh Steak

This must have been what everyone was raving about. John Besh's brazenly titled "Besh Steak" is nestled deep in New Orleans's Harrahs Casino. The restaurant is elegant and welcoming. Luckily the sound of the droning, endless slot machines doesn't follow us to dinner. I've never had a bad meal in a casino. I would imagine that they demand the very best quality at all times. The bone-marrow pâté accompanying our bread drives this point straight home.

Service really can make or break a restaurant experience. Our server is pleasant, knowledgable, and if he wasn't a low level sommelier, I would be surprised. He just happens to be one of the main wine guides for the restaurant. He pairs us with a beautiful French 2012 Domaine De La Janasse, Côtes Du Rhône. (After our initial mandatory cocktails of course, well refined beauties...) Our fried oysters are world class and the Cesar Salad is exactly what one would expect from a high level steakhouse. 

My 30 Day-Aged 16oz Prime New York Strip arrives swimming in blue cheese butter medallions and bordelaise sauce. I swapped the onion rings to sautéed mushrooms. One of my best decisions in a long time. They are, I must admit, the best mushrooms I have ever had. The flavor is engulfing and intoxicating. The steak is perfectly cooked. The cut is enormously thick. It's filling to a new level. The subtle sour flavor of the meat after its long dry age is probably an acquired taste, but I just happen to have it acquired already. It grows more intense as I work my way through the gargantuan slab. 

The dessert is playful and unique. A hard chocolate ball filled with milk chocolate mousse, surrounded by raspberries and bits of chocolate cake. It takes some violence to break into the chocolate ball. We've earned our reward.

Complaints? We never saw a cocktail menu...  I'm really reaching here. This is a world class steakhouse that has a unique flair that places like Ruth's Chris and Morton's tend to miss in their massive corporate sprawls. I highly recommend Besh Steak. Don't forget your wallet.